Construction of National Athletics Stadium

Budapest, Északcsepel
75.000 m2
construction plan
Architectural team and design partners

The construction of the National Athletic Stadium arrived to an important milestone

Magyar Építők Zrt reported that the construction works of the National Athletic Stadium arrived to a serious milestone: the last, prefabricated steel structural element was lifted into its position in the venue to be build for the 2023 IAAF World Championship.

The main contractor started the lifting operations of the steel structural elements on 12th of July, the last piece was placed on 1st December. During the four and a half months long operation this meant 10 elements per month in average.

Each element of the roof superstructure weighs 100 tonnes.

In all 48 of the diamond shaped elements lifted by the specialists took their place, by them the venue took its final shape. The operation was executed by internationally recognised outstanding technological solution. With the help of the applied assembling technology, the construction of the roof structure, simulteneously with the other work phases, ran smooth and uninterrupted.

After assembling on site, every element was trasported to the heavy lifting crain with a specially for this excercise used SPMT vehicle, what is capable of transporting large sized goods, and every element was lifted up with the special tracked crain to the roof structure to its exact position. The leaders of the project took their role of the grandiose operation, as all elements were signed by them before lifting.

For the steel structure and the cable structure of the roof KESZ Group is responsible. The main contractor of the project is the joint-venture consortium of ZÁÉV Zrt and Magyar Építő Zrt, the builder is BMSK Zrt acting as investor agent representing the Hungarian government. The executor of the project also acting as technical and engineering control is the joint-venture of Főber Zrt – Óbuda-Újlak Zrt consortium. The general designer of the project is NAPUR Architect Kft.