Museum of Ethnography Budapest


The new building of the Ethnographic Museum in the City Park


The new building of the Ethnographic Museum, implemented within the framework of the Liget Budapest Project, will open its doors on May 23rd 2022 with spectacular exhibitions. The house, designed by Marcel Ferencz (NAPUR Architect), is the first permanent home in the institution’s history.

Budapest National Athletics Center


Crown of the Queen of Sports

„The new National Athletic Center and sport park is under construction, along with the new cable bridge for pedestrians and bicyclist connecting to North-Csepel and the new Athletic Training Center. The three projects will help the development of the area with a collective urban vision of the future. The defining panoramic view from the Danube will be cleared up, giving way and space to recreactional and sport functions. On the bank of the Danube on the border of the ecological network of the EU and Hungary an attractive grove of sports will emerge to enjoy by the city dwellers.”

Mathias Corvinus Collegium new headquarter

Budapest, Gellérhegy

„Great example of contemporary architecture, in a forward-looking quality.”

The new building will become a great location for the multilayered talent nurturing and diversified professional programmes offered by Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC). The new real building should really serve the audience of MCC, and for this, one’s kind of innovative designer attitude needed, which is involved to understand the values represented by the institution. An extremly exciting architectural excercise is to address the designed spaces with an architectural treatment, which bears meaning well beyond itself. The mission of MCC is that the new building will appear as a positive symbol for the whole of the rising Hungarian nation in the 21st century.

Danube Arena


The venue was the home of the 2017 FINA World Championship in Budapest. The Arena was the center building of the world’s third most important sport event. The venue can be found on the plot of the former Dagály Bath on the riverbank of the Danube. The building complies with the most advanced and contemporary sport and professional requirements of FINA and IOC. The Danube Arena along with the professional athletes is open to all public visitors from all ages on all days of the week.

STOPPER_event boat

Budapest, Dunapart _ Moszkva sétány

„Based on the structural solutions of the cross-section, we have developed a strange new architecture for the floating site. The 34-piece (5.5m-10m) steel frame posts, all along the board, adjust to the structural raster of the hull. The ship is uniformly designed in white inside and out. The state of simplicity, power and harmonious coexistence must characterize the new float on the Danube.”

HATVAN Multifunctional SPORT- and Event hall


„The moment of assembling. The new multifunctional event hall is built in Hatvan. To those who can see the building from the window, travelling on the train flying through the bridge laying on the east-west axis of the city, this means the warm light of home: a reference point, a landmark what is built into the identity of the city.”

Sustainable Energetic Demonstration Centre

Debrecen Kassai Campusz

„On Kassai road, on the site of the former army base stands the new dynamically developing campus of the University of Debrecen. The campus is also the home of the new cube of the demonstration building of the energetic research center what is built for the purpose of research for building energetics of the future. The interesting part of the venue is that the metal claddings of the facades are removable, thus with its opened or closed facades, different energetical surveyes can be executed on the field of sustainable design and research.”



The most interesting hotel of Tokaj can be found in the city center.

The new hotel is built in the near of the row of historically significant cellars on the riverbank of Tisza.
It is worth to take a look at its bespoke architectural appearence, brick-architectural phrases, individual details and architectural image.




„So That Old Manners Return…” „Hunnish Bath” on the Bank of Bodrog

„The house is enriched with delicate details within the frames of a powerful form: well-wrought fittings, carved stone-blocks, individually lathed metal disk fixings on copper plates, handicraft glassworks blown in Zala. Playful surfaces so fashionable today as well as a montage of textures are also seen on the house, yet not as organizing principles or the designer’s aim: they are only present as means of detailing, arranged in tectonic order. Marcel Ferencz uses materials softly adorned, as masses strikingly down-to-earth, bricks in order, as filling surfaces, copper as a cope like glad rags, soldierly put on the head – in an order of threes upward, with an increasing degree of sophisticated elaboration.”